Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Healthy Goals

I put on a ton of weight when I was pregnant with Caitlin. This wasn't exactly a surprise to me, since I did the same thing with Brigid, but that doesn't make me any more excited about losing the 35-40lbs I need to lose all over again now that the pregnancy is over. To up the motivational ante a little bit, I joined a group of my online friends in a Biggest Blogging Loser weight loss challenge over the next twelve weeks, with the winner (based on percentage of weight lost) taking home something like $500.

Between that and my desire to fit into more than the one pair of (normally) two-sizes-too-big jeans in my closet, I'd say my motivation to eat well and exercise has NEVER been higher. But, just to keep myself honest and on-track, I've decided I'm going to log my progress on this blog, as well.

So...the stats (and keep in mind that I'm only 5'2, ok?):
Weight, as of 1/7/12 (our initial BBL weigh-in): 175lbs
Weight as of 1/14/12: 170.5lbs

These are the easy days, comparatively speaking, when the weight comes off in larger chunks, because my body doesn't generally start fighting the process until I get closer to 150lbs. So, even though the number is still really high, I'm happy with a 4.5lb loss in week one.

And anyway, it's a good thing the scale responded as well as it did, because yesterday I was running on about four hours of sleep after my dear, sweet, lovely children decided between the two of them that 4:30am seemed like a good time for me to start my day, and ALL I wanted to do was sit around and eat the entire plate of chocolate chip cookies for lunch that my neighbor had dropped off on Sunday night, but I went with a salad and a grilled chicken breast instead, because I didn't want to undo all of the progress I'd made the week before.

I'm still a little bitter about that decision, honestly. Proud, but bitter.

Those cookies looked good, man...

(Ok, FINE. I did go ahead and have ONE with my lunch. AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!)

(Did I mention that 4:30 wake-up call? A little sugar was needed to make it through the day...)


  1. You are just so adorable. I love you for tracking your progress and keeping it real! We can do this! Let's go, loser!

  2. haha, you have to treat yourself once in a while so that you don't binge later!! i tend to reach for the chocolate/sweets/snacks late an night when i'm on the computer, but i do feel good when i make healthier choices. last night was greek yogurt with dark choc chips.


  3. How's the week going? You'll be back in shape in no time!!! 4.5 lbs already is awesome! I wish I had weight flying off me like that!


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