Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Parents Are THE BEST!

Y'all! My parents bought a townhome on the beach.

I just...I can't even. I am SO excited about this place.

See, we've been vacationing at the same spot in Panama City Beach, FL for something like a million and a half years. And every year, while we were there, my parents would talk about how fantastic it would be to own one of the townhomes in the complex where we were staying. And they would talk to some of the owners who lived there full-time. And the maintenance staff on site. And the office manager. And anyone else remotely related to the property, in the hopes that they could somehow, someday, buy one of the places that never seemed to be for sale.

And all of that talking? It finally paid off when my parents received a call about a year ago from the office manager, telling them that one of the families who lived there was thinking about listing their townhome for sale. And somehow, through the craziest bout of meant-to-be-perfect-timing ever, my parents found a buyer for the house they were living in in Indiana that had been on the market for years, downgraded to a smaller house still in Indiana, and used the difference to fund their dream purchase of a townhome on the beach.

And, of course, being the perfect, always loving daughter that I am, I agreed to help them manage the property, since I am the closest one to it at five hours away. And, if that means I have to go down once a month to check on how things are being kept up?

Well...I guess that's just a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
My life is SO TOUGH, you guys.
Side Note: We do have the place listed on VRBO (where Steve and I are managing the rentals), at really reasonable rates, if you're looking for a great vacation spot. It's pretty quiet and somewhat secluded on this part of the beach, most of the time, but there are also fun family activities nearby, if spending all day doing nothing on the beach isn't really your thing...


  1. Can your parents be my parents? That is awesome. Congrats to them (and you)! The rates are really reasonable. You may be hearing from me :) Heather

  2. One of these days, we'll bank our timeshare week, and come to P.C. instead...but only if you'll meet me down there.


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