Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Work

I kind of consider today to be my first official day back to work, even though I came into the office on Friday, because Fridays are for jeans, and what's the only silver lining of leaving your babies at home for the day (*sob*) if not the opportunity to finally pull the fancy clothes out of the closet?

Or, in my case, the fancy shoes and jewelry out of the closet, since most of my fancy clothes still don't fit me (*double sob*), yet?
Please don't judge me when I tell you that these heels from the Nine West outlet were one of FOUR pairs of shoes that I bought while I was out on leave, just to make myself feel better about the fact that my leave would end eventually, ok?
Or when I tell you that I ALSO bought myself a new work bag, while I was at it?
What can I say? I'm on a diet.

Eating my feelings just wasn't an option this time...


  1. Hey! Nothing wrong with buying new shoes and a work bag to get you back into the work mode. Seriously that's why I dress up, just to get through the day. Heather

  2. Is that Kate Spade?! It's beautiful!! I've been shopping my feelings away, too.

    Don't forget if you're ever up for a hike at Kennesaw, just let me know! :)

  3. That bag is a perfect going back to work present to yourself. After I had the boys I bought lots of shoes and bags because they will always fit!!


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