Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Things I Bought to Make Myself Feel Better, Part 2

I am maybe, kind of, a little, COMPLETELY in love with Alex and Ani bracelets. I'd picked up a few a couple of years ago, including a lucky shamrock bangle that I'd given to my sister for Christmas, and apparently, she's worn it enough over the years that my mom decided to get her one with her new sorority's Greek letters on it for this past Christmas. And because my mom is a little technologically challenged, she had me order it for her.
And, well, I'm really bad at shopping for other people without also shopping for myself.

Let's just say I now jingle a lot when I walk, and leave it at that.

(I got the original idea for the initial bracelets from this Style Lush post, but when that post went up, I had no idea that Caitlin was going to be a Caitlin, and I didn't want to order one to represent Brigid without also ordering one for her sister, and then I forgot that I wanted to order them at all. Until my mom asked for my help. Thanks, mom!)

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