Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week Seven


Oh, right...I'm still trying to lose weight in the Biggest Blogging Loser competition. Do you know what's NOT good for that process? Celebrating your husband's birthday, Valentine's Day, a weekend trip to the beach, and your own birthday, all within a two week period. Not that I'm complaining or anything, because cake, chocolate, and booze on the beach are most definitely good things.

It's just that they'd be even better things if they also helped you lose weight. But whatever.

Anyway, the stats (Sorry, there is no picture this week, because I am officially back at work now, and I keep forgetting to take an updated picture...) (Also, do you like how I apologized for that? Like you've wanted nothing more over the last few weeks than to see a picture of me in gym shorts and a ratty t-shirt? And I've somehow failed you and ruined your entire life by not providing one?) :

Week seven weigh-in
Weight, as of 1/7/13 (initial BBL weigh-in): 175lbs
Weight as of 2/25/13: 164.5lbs
Weight lost: 3.5lbs over the past 4 weeks, 10.5lbs overall

Losing 10.5lbs in seven weeks isn't bad, at all. In fact, it's pretty good, and I should be thrilled. And I am. Mostly. But that didn't make it any less frustrating when I had to wear a maternity skirt to work yesterday because my non-maternity clothing options are limited to the one skirt that I can wear high on my waist, two somewhat forgiving dresses, and a pair of jeans. I'd just like to wake up tomorrow, back to my pre-pregnancy shape. Who do I talk to about making that happen, huh?

Anyway, as one does these days, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. And I found this. And, well...cucumbers, lemon, and mint in water. It's not exactly ground-breaking stuff, right? But I LIKE cucumbers, lemon, and mint in my water, and I have a cute drink dispenser that I don't use nearly enough, and I like when my husband complains about how much space said drink dispenser takes up in the fridge (OH WAIT! THAT'S RIGHT! I DON'T LIKE THIS, STEVE! Geez.), so I started making this up every night, starting on Friday. And, well, it might be all in my head...

...but I think it might actually be working. I haven't changed anything else, but that one pair of jeans that fits me? They're starting to fit a little looser in the last few days. And that weigh-in from Monday? It was a pretty nice change from a weigh-in I did on Friday. And it's gone down more in the last two days. WITH CLOTHES ON!!!

So...yeah. Water. Drink it.

Go figure.

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  1. 10.5 lbs is amazing!! I wish I could lose 10 lbs!!

    Watch the weather and once it warms up, let's hike!! Hope your first full week back is going smoothly!


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