Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Luck of the Irish

I am half Italian, without a single drop of Irish blood in my body, but I also went to Notre Dame, which means that St. Patrick's Day is something like a religious holiday to me, purely by association. And as such, I wore green every day last week.
It's just something I do, I guess...

(Also, I think I'm more likely to actually post outfit shots if I take them with my phone, because I'm probably going to remember that I want to take pictures when my phone is all I have, but I'm still trying to figure out the quality aspect of things. I'll get there. Maybe...)

Dress: I don't remember, but I know it's from Dillards
Sweater: J Crew (outlet)
Boots: Another brand I don't remember, but these are from DSW


  1. Don't you have to be irish to go to Notre Dame...ha!!
    Love the detailing on the neckline of that dress!!

  2. I love that dress with the green cardi! I wore green a lot last week, too. =)


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