Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Still Here

Between my self-imposed shopping ban (still going strong!!) and my general lack of time for most things these days, I kind of feel like my ability to dress myself has faded away a bit. The one thing that always kept me on top of things, the one thing that really made getting dressed in the morning fun, was taking pictures of my daily outfits and sharing them here with all of you lovely people.

Then some people found out about what I was doing and I felt silly. And then work became incredibly busy/exhausting. And then I remembered that I loved to read and watch tv and spend time with my husband, away from my computer from time to time. And then I stopped going to bed early, which meant I stopped getting up early, which meant I didn't have time to take pictures in the morning before I left for the day.

And by the end of the day? Nobody wants to see what that looks like, believe me.

So, style blogging stopped being fun. And I stopped doing it.

I've tried reshaping this space into something a little less rigid, a place where I can maybe put into words those things that are bothering me that I can't put down on my family blog, because my mom reads that one, for crying out loud, and she doesn't need to know everything, after all. But, I'm not sure that's working, either, to be completely honest.

So, now what?

I'm not giving up this space, entirely, because this is still my space, where I can be my usual charming self (shut totally find me charming, and you know it...), but still, maybe, also be a little...less charming...if I need to be. Because life isn't all rainbows and unicorns, right?

Oddly enough, this started out as a post about how I was going to try to start taking pictures again, even if they were just crappy iPhone pictures, because that's all I had it in me to do these days. seems it kind of became something else. I just don't know what I want to do, I guess.

Stick with me while I try to figure it all out, please?


  1. i sure hope you figure things out. i think we all go thru phases like these with our blogs, but its just about finding inspiration again. we shure would miss ya!


  2. Agreeing with Miss oomph - we all go through phases like this. Please keep checking in! I always read your blogs, pictures or not.


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