Monday, March 12, 2012

It's good to be back....

....well, sort of, anyway. I guess. I mean, I'm not super excited about going back to work, or anything, but it was good to be back with Brigid. Except for the whole part of the weekend where she didn't nap yesterday and then refused to go to bed last night.

Other than that...yay!

But still...I miss the beach...

And also, I miss my baby sister (who was really the only sister that I took a ton of pictures with, since the middle sister was all busy with that whole wedding thing and whatnot...)

But, you know...I had laundry waiting for me when I got home, a layer of dust to deal with, and bathrooms to clean. So...I'd say it's a fair trade off, no?


  1. Aww those sister pics are so sweet! You're one of three girls? How was the wedding? Your pictures make me jealous!!

  2. So, did Brigid survive without you? Looks like you had a great vacation...such beautiful scenery!

  3. cute pictures of you and the sister...



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