Monday, September 10, 2012

Vacation Shopping

Well, it was a lighter than normal haul for me this year, seeing as how NOTHING IN THE WORLD WILL EVER FIT ME AGAIN (sorry...pregnancy dramatics tend to be my new normal these days), but I still managed to snag a few things for myself while we were on vacation last week. The best part about our end-of-summer vacation is that all of the little shops around town are having their end-of-summer sales, so I was able to add to my already-too-large flip-flop and bracelet collections at 50% off.

(Notice that I focused on the two and jewelry...that fit no matter how much weight you gain? Well, shoes, jewelry, and household knick-knacks, I guess. But you don't really want to see pictures of the new lantern or creepy ceramic skull I bought for the house, do you?)

(Well, even if you do, it's too bad, because I didn't take pictures of those. Maybe tomorrow...)


  1. I justify my jewelry and bag habit by matter how fat, skinny, of pregnant you are, jewelry and handbags always fit!!

  2. I LOVE that bracelet!


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