Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Round-Up

Tomorrow, we're off on Vacation, The 2nd, since Vacation, The 1st was postponed last week due to the tropical storm that, right about the time when we were supposed to be leaving, looked like it was headed straight for the Florida panhandle, which was also where we were headed. So, tomorrow it is.

Now, to do all of that packing I've been putting off all week...


But first! A few things that I've enjoyed reading these past few days!

One thing I need to start doing is figuring out what it is that makes me truly happy in life, because I feel a little all over the place right now. This post by Amy on that exact topic might be a good place to start.

(Also, if this space starts getting a little more inward focused, I'm sorry. I need to get a few things figured out for myself, and since this is my happy place, this just might be where I come to do just that.)

I used to be a very political person, to the point that I was working towards a second major in Government when I was in college, because I found it all so fascinating. However, the truth of the matter is that politics are an ugly game most of the time, and supporters of both sides seem to fall prey to that. I love Ginger's take on things we need to keep in mind before we start spewing too much venom at each other.

And that's really all I have this week. The end of summer seems to be a pretty busy time for everyone, including myself, and my Internet surfing just isn't up to par right now. I hope everyone has a lovely, lovely (and three-day long, maybe? probably?) weekend, and I'll think of you all fondly while I'm lying on the beach in total relaxation!

(Or, chasing a toddler around the pool, which is a much, much more likely scenario, honestly...)

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