Monday, August 20, 2012

Halloween, Part I: The Planning

Last night, I bribed Brigid into staying in bed by promising her a trip to Hobby Lobby. And today, I followed through on that bribe, even though it was so very, very tough for me to do so.

(No, it was not. It was not tough, at all. I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY!)

Anyway, I went to try to find a table runner (or, fabric for a table runner), some flowers for a Halloween centerpiece, and some black chargers for my Halloween table set.

I failed on the runner, but I did find some creepy red, battery-powered candles, to go with the flowers and the chargers. While I'm still working on ideas for the centerpiece, I am already pretty happy with my table setting layers.

Have I mentioned how much I love to decorate for Halloween?

Placemat: Kohl's $3/each (purchased last year, for my Christmas table)
Chargers: Hobby Lobby $1.50/each
Appetizer Plates: Pottery Barn $35/set of six


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