Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is it time for another vacation, yet?

I'm not entirely sure it's worth it to go on vacation anymore, because it's just so darn hard to get back into the swing of things when you get home. I'm still trying to recover my rhythm, trying to remind myself that going to bed at midnight doesn't work when your alarm goes off at 5:30am, and trying to uncover myself from the mess that is my email inbox.

Oh, who am I kidding. Vacations are awesome, even with the clean-up that ensues. But yeah...I'm totally ready for another one already.

(worn to story-time with Brigid on Monday)
Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Ann Taylor (outlet)
Belt: Target
Shoes: Old Navy


  1. You look so cute in your casual outfit. Perfect for Storytime. I love these two color combos together. I also have that same belt!

  2. What a cute outfit! I love the color of that top!

  3. Love that color combo...perfect outfit for a casual storytime...I miss taking the boys to storytime...

  4. love the colors together! that blue reminds me... of a blue i'd wear myself!

  5. I try to take another day off when I come back from vacay, just to relax and recover, b/c well, sometimes vacays are all about seeing everything you can and hustling around. Not my idea of re-energizing :)

    Glad you're slowly getting back in the swing of things though!

  6. So adorable in those shorts! That makes me want to try wearing shorts...except I wouldn't be as cute. :)

  7. cute striped top! i always feel like i need a vacation from my vacation whenever i return home!


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