Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just over a month...

...until the start of the college football season!

I know that may seem like kind of a strange thing to be focused on in the middle of the summer, but when I decided to add the orange sweater to this outfit in an attempt to jazz up my slightly boring navy blue jersey dress, I immediately felt like an Auburn Tiger. Or a Clemson Tiger. Or any of those other southern Tigers whose school colors are orange and blue. And then I had to convince myself not to change, because my football loyalties run deep, and I am most definitely not a tiger.

Oh, the things I do for style...

(And if this made no sense to you, I apologize. I am a bit of a sports fan (or a HUGE sports fan, as it may be), and it kind of takes over some times. Expect A LOT of green to show up in my pictures this fall...because I may not be a tiger, but I am Irish through and through!)

Dress: Ann Taylor (outlet)
Sweater: Gap (outlet)
Shoes: Nine West (outlet)
Necklace: Tiffany
Bracelet: vintage


  1. I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about. I live in Alabama--and I'm very familiar with not being able to wear certain colors or certain patterns (houndstooth) without being associated with those teams. I've grown up with all that rivalry, and I've discovered that I want nothing to do with it, but it's rather hilarious how I refuse to pair some colors together in order to prevent people asking me if I'm a "so-and-so" fan.

    Cute outfit! I wish I could wear navy with orange! haha!

  2. Love this look! We must thing alike because I have the same outfit!

    We are also HUGE football fans. Although we bleed scarlet and gray :)


  3. I wouldn't call myself a sports fan, but my husband lives and breathes Florida State football and I find myself getting sort of excited about it starting up soon! (In 37 days to be exact. Ask me how I know this.) I love the contrasting colors in this outfit, but in Florida orange and blue doesn't mean Tigers, it means Gators, and it might be an offense worthy of divorce if I tried to wear them together!

  4. Sorry you felt like a tiger :) but the dress is super cute and the sweater was a good choice with it, in my opinion.

  5. My alma mater's colors are orange and blue! We're not the tigers though :) For some reason I'm more excited about the NFL (so glad the lockout's over!) than college football.

  6. Haha, you could say you look like a Gator too. =) Aren't Florida Gators blue and orange? I'm not sure because I'm more an NFL girl. Go Saints! ;)

    I absolutely love those white heels!! You are looking gorgeous!

  7. Can we still be friends if I'm not at all into sports? Like, not even the slightest?

    Although I do know, for Tiffany's sake, that yes, the Gators are blue and orange also. :)

    You look beautiful, I love orange on you!

  8. i love this orange sweater with the navy! looks great. and how funny you are a fighting Irish. my husband is a Trojan!

  9. my husband went to Auburn so WAR EAGLE

    he actually woke up last saturday, rolled over, grabbed my laptop and started playing auburn related football videos... ridiculous. he watched auburn football videos for 45 minutes before getting out of bed

    anyways, i love blue and orange. ha

  10. I just love the color of that cardi. It's so bright and cheerful!

    You'll catch me in quite a bit of black and old gold this fall, too. Gotta show off my Boilermaker pride in this SEC country ;)


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