Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too Big

I'd been on the hunt for a new pair of white shoes for months, when I finally came across this pair at the Nine West outlet a couple of years ago. And even though they were a size too big, and therefore RIDICULOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE TO WALK IN, I bought them anyway.

Because they were the only pair that the store had, and I lose all sense when faced with pretty shoes.

Lucky for me, they make shoe inserts that sort of cover for that kind of impulse shopping, so the shoes are still wearable.

Now, if they'd just make something to remind me not to buy shoes in the wrong size, I'd be all set...

(worn to work last Thursday)
Dress: Banana Republic (outfit)
Sweater: Target
Shoes: Nine West (outlet)
Bracelets: Mango Tree


  1. Oh, I love the cutouts in that dress!! And thank God for shoe inserts! They are what made my turquoise heels wearable. =)

  2. Cute dress and the things we do for fashion! Inserts rock!

  3. Love the detailing on the neckline of that great dress! Love that you bought the shoes anyways and was determined to wear them

  4. That dress is fabulous. I need to find some inserts like that!

  5. Hahaha me too! Except being too big, my problem are shoes that are too tall. Why is it that the prettiest ones are unwearable?! *pouts*

    The white shoes really do make the outfit so much more interesting. Hmm, now I think I need some white shoes in my life ;)

  6. Love the dress! I wish I was able to squeeeeze my size 10 monster feet into smaller sizes! I always find the best deals for size 8s! PS- did you have a great trip??

  7. i am in-love with that dress, and i also experience the 2 wears later "wait, this doesn't fit" syndrome of shopping

    my husband hates it, but i've been really good about it over the past 2 years and i only regret purchasing items about once every 6 months, usually something from a cheap store i thought would be stylish because the trend is in,, then i realize it isn't MY style

  8. haha if i really love something i don't care if it's the wrong size either.. simply must have!

  9. super cute details on the dress. i totally used to do that, too...buy wrong sizes, thinking i could make them work. i've been trying to curb that urge tho!



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