Friday, July 29, 2011


I have several things I'm working on right now, and no real desire to do an outfit post today. So instead, I have a question and a link, instead. First, the question...

Lately (which I'm sure has been super obvious, with the buy! buy! buy! theme my posts have been running the last few days...), my shopping has gotten a little (or a lot?) out of control. I set myself a budget at the start of the year, and I've pretty much lost all track of that. I swore I'd do a better job of 'shopping my closet' instead of shopping the mall, and that hasn't happened. I just really, really love to shop. And I'm ok with that.

But I need to dial it back a little.

So my question is, of the various blogger-run 'challenges' (for lack of a better word) that you've participated in during your internet life, what are your favorites? I need something that will help me to focus on what I already own, but will also keep me interested enough that I don't miss shopping. Not that I'm giving up shopping, by any means, because giving up shopping has the same effect on me that giving up sugar does, and I always end up over-doing it in the end. So, lay it on me do I change things up?

And, as a reward for helping me out, I'll leave you with this...

Did you know that while at the University of Michigan, Darren Criss (from Glee) co-wrote a stage musical based on Harry Potter? And not only did Criss and his group do one Harry Potter musical, they apparently came back for a second? And you can watch it all (in eight-ish minute increments, that is) on You Tube?

You're welcome.


  1. We hear you on the shopping. That's one reason we started the blog to force us to shop our closets a little more. We like Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki's fashion challenges (they did fruit inspired and trends just recently). We haven't participated in Two Birds fashion inspiration, but it seems like a lot of bloggers do this. Also, J's Everyday Fashion is a good source of inspiration. She uses a TON of photos from magazines and the internet.

    Kayla and I have a binder FULL of photos from JCrew catalogs, sale ads, magazine photos, etc and we look at this a lot to recreate looks with items we already have in our closet.


  2. Ha! I try to put myself on a spending freeze like every Monday. And every single week, I fail miserably. I think that if I did the 30x30, I might be able to keep from shopping, but I'm too scared to commit like that to only 30 items!

    You know what helps me with things though? When I have someone to be accountable to... So, if you want to go on like a month long spending freeze, I'll join you. Just tell me when you wan to start and then we can be accountable to each other! =)

  3. I liked the 30 for 30 the first time around that I did it, but not so much this time. I'm just running out of ideas this time, and putting together boring outfits that I'd otherwise not post on my blog. Plus, Kendi's "no rules!" thing just threw me off and I shopped a ton anyway.

    I really really need to stop shopping as well. I told my husband that I wasn't going to shop for a month, and guess what? Went to Target two days later and left with a pair of new shoes. 50% off! How could I resist?

    And I'm just the same as you. If I don't shop for a while, I go crazy when the ban is lifted and buy a ton of crap to make up for not shopping. Doesn't work at all.

    If you ever find a solution, please let me know :)

  4. i have so much trouble not shopping as well! i was able to do it during my 30 for 30 remix challenge. i've also been trying to do my own remixes on Tuesday (i call them my 2 Way Tuesday outfits). so that helps me cuz i remix one thing i wore already on my blog and post the pics of both outfits. i also do Inspiration Monday (from Two Birds), Everybody Everwear, Bloggers Do It Better.

    Maybe you should try and come up with a challenge of your own? you could do it by colors, or pieces (skinny jeans, vests, etc). it's so hard. i was thinking of starting my own challenge for a bit to keep me using my own closet as well. it hasn't happened yet :)

    i also have a HUGE shopping problem. sometimes i will buy things and keep them hanging in the closet for a few days and if i still want them at the end of the week i will keep them. if i'm not super excited about them anymore i try to return them. it's hard though. also, thrifting has made it a little easier on the wallet.

    anyway, i totally understand your pain. it's so hard NOT to shop!!! but i've found once i do get myself to stop sometimes it just becomes easier to not do it for a while. it's like an addiction (or i guess it is).


  5. i just read Tiffany's comment. i'll join you too if you decide to stop shopping for a bit!!!



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