Monday, August 1, 2011

Same old, same old...

So, last week I was feeling like a Tiger of the Auburn University variety.

This week?

I'm a Bayou Bengal!

(Yeah, that would be the LSU Tigers, for those of you who aren't being deluged with daily SEC football updates and don't automatically associate each color combination with a southern university as a result. I promise, this will go away soon...)

(Also, if you're interested, I'm guest posting for Tiffany at Breakfast with Tiffany today and I'm being featured by Melissa at A Working Mom's Closet for her Proper Professional feature. I promise, there's no college football talk at either location!)

Cardigan: Land's End Canvas
Skirt: J Crew Outlet
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Outlet


  1. Now, I know all about LSU Tigers. You look great in purple and gold. =)

  2. And I didn't mean for that to come out sounding half depressed with using periods instead of exclamation points. Let me rephrase that...

    I know all about those Tigers!! (You know, born and raised in good ole Louisiana) And you look fan-freaking-tastic in purple and gold!! ;)

  3. Thought I'd let you know I'm hunting for a pencil skirt this week :) Love the post at Melissa's..

  4. This looks great today! We both like the color combo. Saw you on Melissa and Tiffany's blogs today. We already follow you anyways, so we knew you were a fashionable person, lol :)

    Heather & Kayla

  5. You are just all over the internet today!! Love that color look great!

  6. I love those colors together! Thanks for the flower feedback :)

  7. Sorry, the flower comment was from a different Tara! Woops!

  8. ooh, love the bright sweater! feels like i haven't "seen" you for i missing your posts??!! heading to tiff's now.


  9. i'm laughing at you, but not laughing at you, for wearing university outfits within a week of each other.:)
    my husband has purchased 6 pieces of clothing since we've been in sydney since january, 4 of them are orange and blue... FOUR... from the same store (australia's version of j.crew i guess, called country road)

    us southerners just can't help ourselves

    everyday i'm shufflin'

  10. There is no shame in dressing in sports team colors....I do it all the time :)

  11. Wow, you were popular yesterday, weren't you? :)

    I love that yellow cardigan, it looks awesome on you!

  12. yay for your colorful USC outfit :) haha. and i loved your guest post!


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