Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Do you like how my cats have all of a sudden taken on a starring role in my daily pictures? I just can't keep them out of the shot for some reason.

They're such camera hogs.

(Honestly, I'm really not sure how I've managed to keep my pictures as animal free as I have along the way. With two cats, two dogs, and a toddler running around, there is always something underfoot. And unfortunately, they're all cuter than I am. Especially the toddler.

Which is why they're not allowed to play along, obviously.

Center of attention...hey-oh!)

Cardigan: Land's End Canvas
Skirt: Kohl's
Shoes: Nine West


  1. Love kitty and toddler photo bombers! They are some of my favorites in blog photos because it makes you real!

    And I just adore this skirt! You are scoring at Kohls (i.e., yesterday's shirt and today's skirt!)

  2. Perhaps an outfit photo one day with all 5 of your kids? ;) I bet they'd be a hilarious bunch.

    Yellow, mustard, gold... I love all these colors and am loving the cardigan every time you wear it. I've heard good things about Land's End Canvas so I'll definitely be keeping them on my radar.

  3. i hear you...lately my dog has been trying to get some cameos, and my son is ALWAYS in mine! i usually have to crop him out or resort to the few that i managed to get while he was chasing after his ball..or something :)

    love the thicker heel on you shoes...makes for a more comfortable shoe...don't you think?? compared to stilettos?!!


  4. Love the color of your cardi! And my one dog is a total camera hog...she can't stay away lol

  5. I love when pets make an appearance! Mine two cats are always underfoot, but I try my best to crop them out. They are usually trying to wrap themselves around my feet. :)

    I love the bright cardi! I searched for a yellow cardigan at Target the other day, but they only had extra smalls.. Boo!

  6. loving this bright cardi. and it's always fun to see random people/creatures pop up in photos! sometimes i just have one of my kids toys, though i do often crop it out :)

  7. Well at least the cat was kind enough to color coordinate with you today.

  8. working on the auburn post, clay wears the same shirt on saturday and sunday so i'm slowly gathering the pictures and preparing to make a video


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