Wednesday, August 17, 2011


After doing really well through the first half of the year with eating right and exercising, my healthy plan has gone completely off of the track over the last couple of months. And while part of me just thinks that since I'm going on vacation in two weeks, I might as well wait until I get back to start things up again, the other part of me knows that I'll feel better if I try to try to ease myself back into things now.

And that would make perfect sense, if I could figure out the 'ease' part of things. Instead, I found a fantastic Nike app for my iPhone with a bunch of work-out options that involve cardio and strength training, with limited equipment, so I can do it while I'm watching the Bachelor Pad (Monday night's trashy t.v. of choice) or last week's Project Runway on DVR (last night's work-out background noise) in my family room. I kind of love it, except that it's totally kicking my butt, and it was all I could do to pull my poor body from bed this morning.

I might just have to call tonight an off night and search for a decent yoga app to do before bed, instead, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be physically incapable of doing any sort of lunge anytime soon. It's about all I can do to sit in my chair without falling over on the way down.

As for getting back up again? That's going to take some work, I think...

Dress: Max & Cleo (from Dillards)
Sweater: J Crew (outlet)
Shoes: Nine West


  1. I give you credit for working out and eating healthy in general. I am so lazy! The only exercise I get is the Wii Fit, lol! Right now as I type this, I am eating a huge long john donut. I know I will be feeling crappy afterwards.

    This dress is looks fantastic with the green. Green, black and white look so good together :)


  2. Something's been a changin' in this 29 year old body of mine and I'm going to have to kick myself into working out. It's so dang hard (and I don't even have a kid).

  3. I've gotten a little off track with my eating habits! I love your green cardi :)

  4. Such a great how you added color with the green cardi! I did a hard ab workout yesterday and I could barely make it out of bed this morning...

  5. i hear you! i had major body aches from boxing on the wii the other day!!! love the green pop over the black and white!


  6. Ugh I know exactly how you feel! I hiked Kennesaw on Monday after two weeks off and I'm still a little sore in my thighs (though that also might be from squating to shelve books?). Pretty green sweater!

  7. Don't you love it though? I pushed myself pretty hard on Saturday and I've been sore all week, but I like this kind of sore. It makes me feel like I'm actually doing something. I'm proud of you!

    Not to mention the fact that I LOVE this dress on you! That shade of green is really pretty too. :)

  8. love your dress! it's got such a great pattern. i use the nike app too for my running!


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