Thursday, August 4, 2011

Old Skirt

It is with a heavy fashion heart that I announce I may have to retire my favorite skirt.

This skirt, which has been with me since the early days of my transition from post-college frump (when I was just starting to understand that 'professional' didn't necessarily have to equate to ill-fitting pants and shoulder pads) to the remarkably less frumpy person you see before you now (most days, and in my own personal opinion, anyway). This skirt, which I think may have marked the beginning of my love affair with the pencil skirt. This skirt, which has seen me through two companies and five or six different jobs. This skirt, which probably isn't even all that fantastic on first look, but which I still love dearly.

This skirt which now includes a shredded lining that trails behind me if I take my attention off of it for even a moment.

See, my husband has this car. Well, it's less of a car and more of a giant beast of a Durango, actually. And it doesn't have running boards, which means I have to launch my short self up a very long distance every time I get in and out of it. And if I'm wearing anything other than pants, I run the risk of pulling the 'drunken starlet' move, which is bad. And I think, the last time I wore this skirt, in hauling myself up into the car, I may have tried to stretch things too far, resulting in the ripped lining.

(Completely unrelated to my dear skirt, you should have seen me trying to get in and out of Steve's car when I was pregnant. It's no exaggeration to say that beached whales have more grace than I did when I was pregnant.)

Anyway, I mentioned to my mom not too long ago that I was thinking about buying a sewing machine, because I thought I might try my hand at some of these rework projects I see sprinkled around the internet. Lovely and intelligent lady that she is, she sent me home with hers to try for awhile, just to see if I would actually use one. And I think I might be able to reattach the lining to seam of the skirt, using said sewing maching, so maybe there is hope for the skirt, yet.

I just hope it works out for us.

Cardigan: J Crew
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Nine West


  1. Oh, no wonder you're not ready to give up on that skirt yet! I love the flowery pattern that runs along the bottom half. It's so pretty!!

    And hahaha!! I can just see you with a big ole belly lumbering into that truck! lol

  2. That skirt is awesome, no wonder you want to save it! I had a vest very similar to this...I wonder what ever happened to it? It would be the skirt's twin :)

  3. the cute flowers at the bottom make this stand out from other pin-striped "uniforms"...def try to fix it!

    i felt my head looked too small with the i tried to make my hair as big as possible...a huge bun, or curled and teased. try it! i've also seen some cute short-haired celebs pull it off with just a tiny bit of hair peeking out the back, too!


  4. we love all the same brands... probably because we shop at the same outlets?!? :)

  5. Good luck!! I've been thinking I might try the same re-working with my blouse. I just can't find a replacement!

  6. Love all the detailing on that skirt!! Pretty nice of your mom to send you her sewing machine to see if you can revive it!!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Okay, the details on this skirt are amaze-balls. I would be wearing it all the time. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. i can see why you love that skirt. bet you could go to a tailor or dry cleaner and they might actually fix your skirt for pretty cheap. just a thought! that way you can salvage your fave piece!


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