Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guest Post: A Working Mom's Closet

While I am off on vacation this week, I asked a couple of my favorite bloggers from around the country to share how where they live might affect what they wear. Mostly because I want to know, and this was the easiest way to get them to tell me...

Today, it's Melissa from Florida, who always finds a way to express her own fabulous style, even while dealing with a pretty strict dress code, over at A Working Mom's Closet.


Hi everyone! My name is Melissa and I blog over at A Working Mom's Closet. While the fabulous Tara is out gallivanting and having a fabulous time visiting MY state on her vacation (and I don't even get to see her!), I'm here to make a grand attempt at keeping you all entertained for a day.

Since she's visiting Florida, and I live here, she asked me to share a little bit about how my location and climate might affect the way I dress and how I put outfits together.

Now, the thing about Florida is that while it is unbearably hot a lot of the time, the AC is usually pumping, so it's helpful to stay at least moderately covered. Especially if, you know, you have a JOB and want to dress appropriately. I'd like to remain employed, so I choose to do just that.

When I dress for the office, I try to choose lightweight pieces that I can layer over. I stick with dresses and skirts for the most part, and although last year I was infatuated with cardigans, it seems this year my obsession is blazers and jackets.

Typically I start with a dress. And then I find a way to style it differently from the last time I wore it, whether that means layering a blouse underneath or a jacket on top, switching the belt, or wearing different shoes. Sometimes all it takes is a lightweight scarf to transform the dress into an entirely different outfit! At the same time, it keeps it appropriate and functional in the heat. Another factor is what the schedule is at work, whether we're having a board meeting or staff meeting or anything else going on. My supervisor allows us some deviations from the corporate dress code, but we have to ensure that when we meet with anyone else, we're in code.

There are weekends, though. Weekends that involve theme parks. Outside. In the heat. And yet, I still end up wearing dresses most of the time. I do own a pair of shorts that I'll throw on occasionally, but not often. A dress and flip flops (oh, and a BELT!), and I'm set for Disney. Or Universal. Or whatever.

I have a dress I love so much that I bought it in four different colors: black, gray, purple, and brown. It's a cotton tank dress with a ruffled neckline and an elastic empire waist.  I've worn it to work with collared shirts layered underneath, I've worn it to Disney with a belt and flip flops...and I've worn it to bed. Those dresses are SO comfortable and easily changed with accessories to create different color combinations or layered to match the season. I love them.

I can't wait to see how Tara picks outfits for her vacation in this weather. How do YOU dress for warmer climates?


Thanks for sharing, Mel! 

And while I'm sorry to disappoint with my vacation-wear this week, I'm pretty much wearing nothing but a swimsuit. Don't worry, I'll spare you the pictures...


  1. Hey there Melissa! It's fun to see guest posts :) Good tips on dressing for hot weather!

  2. Melissa never disappoints with her stylish looks! And great tips for how to bear with the ridiculous heat OUTside and the ridiculous low temps of the AC INside! =)

  3. Aw, thanks ladies. :) And thanks Tara for asking me to guest post! I hope you're having an AWESOME time!

  4. Wow, Melissa. Talk about fabulosity from start to finish. My favorite of these pics was the blue dress w/scarf and flower!


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