Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guest Post: Spinning Threads

While I am off on vacation this week, I asked a couple of my favorite bloggers from around the country to share how where they live might affect what they wear. Mostly because I want to know, and this was the easiest way to get them to tell me...

First up, Claire from California, who posts some of the best stories about her adorable daughters (along with her fantastic outfits) over at Spinning Threads.


When I think of Southern California style, I automatically think “laid-back.”  Maybe it's our almost year-round warm weather, or the fact that we live in the heart of the entertainment industry.  Sometimes I think the further west you go the more casual the attire.  My sister, Polka Dots, lives in Hawaii and I think that just might be the only state that actually dresses more casual than we do!

Here are 3 go-to pieces I love and think represent Southern California.


The ultimate California staple.  From a casual day at the office to a night out on the town, I wear jeans everywhere...skinny ones, wide-leg ones, highwaisted ones, colorful ones.  I even had a few friends wearing jeans to my wedding (though I actually think that might be one of the few places jeans aren't actually appropriate for).


Whether it's cut-offs and a t-shirt at the beach or a nice pair of trouser shorts paired with a blazer for Sunday brunch, I think shorts are a definite must in California.  Even in the winter when we get to our “cold” 60 degree weather, I'll wear shorts with some colorful tights and/or knee high boots for one of my favorite looks!


When I think of New York City I think of black.  California is not only on the opposite side of the country, but the opposite side of the color spectrum.  Maybe it's a reflection of our outdoorsy lifestyles, with our mountains and beaches, or our almost always sunny weather, but something I always seem to gravitate towards, whether it's a short one or a long one is a colorful dress.

The great thing about these pieces is that they're extremely versatile.  I definitely think my choice of attire is affected by our weather and the activities that we do because of it.  But most of all, I think what really drives my style choice (besides my blog, of course) are my two little girls, Princess Sparkles and Pigtails.  Being a mommy of two toddlers, it's important for me to wear something comfortable and that can be thrown in the wash (because my girls LOVE to touch me with their dirty hands!).  Thank goodness for California's laid-back style, because it's definitely perfect for a busy mommy like me!


Thank you so much for sharing, Claire!


  1. I love Claire's style! Being a mom to two little toddlers, it's tough to always look so put together, but she manages to make it look effortless. Love her!

  2. I second what Tiffany says! Claire is one of the most fashionable moms around and she always look great!

  3. Thanks ladies! And thanks, Tara, for letting me guest post on your blog!!! Glad you enjoyed your vacation!!!



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