Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's always worth a try...

When I was at the Banana Republic outlet back during the 4th of July sales, I came across this dress. Even though I didn't think it would fit properly (something about blousy tops on dresses can look a little off on me sometimes...), I'm always looking for easy-to-wear summer dresses, so I decided to try it on anyway. And wouldn't you know...I loved it.

And now I have it in gray and pink.

This has been happening to me a lot, now that I think about it. Something that I don't think will look good on me when I see it on the rack ends up becoming one of my favorite pieces once I try it on. So much for learning to trust my judgment, I guess.

Worn running weekend errands:
Dress: Banana Republic (outlet)
Shoes: Cole Haan (Off Fifth - Saks outlet)


  1. LOVE that color on you! Your hair looks extra lovely today!

  2. Oh, it looks beautiful on you!! That is such a pretty color!

  3. So uh, your bod kind of looks bangin' in this dress (oh yes I did).

  4. This is a beautiful dress and color on you! I can see you wearing this with a bright cardi for fall :)


  5. That's why you always, always have to try things on! :) That dress is amazing on you, the fit, the color, everything!

  6. looking great in that dress...pink works so well for you!!

  7. This is your best color! The dress looks great on you. It looks super comfy!!

  8. i love this coral colored dress. it reminds me of an Old Navy coral dress i have (of course it does, we have the same closet). i think i need to wear it :)


  9. yep, we all love the coral color of that dress. of course i love when you wear colors like coral, teal blues and navy because they're also the 'best colors' with my skin tone and hair color too

    saw your white watch and speaking of white pants... those white pants are a pretty cheap pair in case i ruin them, they're also my first pair of white bottom anything other than my wedding dress

    my theory of white pants has always been... dainty women wear them because dainty women don't take part in activities where they may get dirty and dainty women have the money or husband with money to replace their white pants after you ruin them... sad but true, i did lay down a newspaper before sitting on a public seat last week though, just in case!


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