Thursday, August 18, 2011

Early Mornings...

Do they make alarm clocks that pour you a cup of coffee as they are buzzing annoyingly at 5:30am? Because I'm pretty sure I'd have a better chance of actually getting up at 5:30 if I had one of those. As it is, I'm starting to get a little tired of always running late.

And yet, I just can't bring myself to get out of bed at the first ring. What can I say?

I'm a snoozer!

Worn to work last week:
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Kenneth Cole (outlet)


  1. Cute dress...and getting up at 5:30 stinks...I'll soon be back in that routine!

  2. Ha ha! I'm a snoozer too! I set my alarm like an hour before I have to get up and keep hitting the snooze button. You should definitely invent an alarm clock/coffee maker!

    This dress is really cute!


  3. Oh, pretty dress! I was running late this morning too, but not due to snoozing. Mine was all kids. This morning, I was fighting BOTH kids to go back to sleep. =/ 4:45 Little Man woke up to pee. Then, 5:00 Little Miss woke up and cried for 30 frickin minutes. I took her into my bed and she went back to sleep. Then Little Guy came prancing into my room while I was about to get a shower around 5:45 and I had to hush him and hurry him out so he wouldn't wake her up. Ugh. Some days I just want a Do Over.

  4. 5:30am?! YUCK! I thought my 6:30 was bad.

    You look lovely!

  5. i love that dress! the loft has so many cute stuff and i feel like they often fit me cuz they have the petite size.

    i'm NOT a snoozer. i seem to always wake up seconds before my alarm goes off. maybe cuz i'm a morning person...and i get anxiety knowing an alarm is gonna ring! i know, weird.

  6. Cute dress!!! Is it new?

    I've been waking up before my alarm all week around 5:10 and I'm dying to sleep in. Coffee has become my friend again very quickly!!


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