Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Family Outing

We took Brigid to the zoo on Saturday morning, and I was planning to do some on-the-spot outfit shots, but the outing went by a little quicker than I expected. So I was left with this...

That would be me trying to convince B that the big monkey statue wasn't as scary as she seemed to think it was. She totally wasn't buying it, though.
She was, however, perfectly ok with the mommy and baby monkeys on the other side of the patio...

Love that kid!

Tank Top: Gap (outlet)
Shorts: Ann Taylor (outlet)
Shoes: Old Navy
Purst: H&M

PS: I normally prefer to wear something a little more substantial, shoe-wise, on these outings, but last week's trip to the golf course kicked my butt, and I haven't really been able to wear shoes with backs since then. The blisters, they are there. 

It was totally worth it, though. My favorite golfer happened to be playing with one of Steve's favorite golfers, so we followed them for their first couple holes, took a break for breakfast at the hospitality tent (with complimentary bloody marys, of course), picked them back up for the rest of their round, then went back to the tent for lunch. After lunch, we parked ourselves at the green of one hole to watch all of the afternoon groups come through.

I kind of wanted to go back again...


  1. Aww! These pics are so cute! Your outfit is perfect for a day at the zoo.

    We are going to the zoo on Friday and I cannot wait! We have a new polar bear exhibit that I am dying to see :)

  2. Sounds like you guys had such a great weekend! PGA tourney sounds like a blast. And lucky you, there's the Masters to look forward to every year ;)

    You + B and mama gorilla with baby = perfect picture. Too cute!

  3. Awww, I love the zoo! Glad you had fun!!

  4. You and Brigid are so adorable together!! Sounds like a great weekend!!

  5. I think we have those exact same monkeys at the Audubon Zoo! =)

    Your golfing excursion sounds like so much fun! I want to follow my favorite golfer around... Wait, I don't have one, so maybe my favorite actor? I wonder if Orlando Bloom has time for me. ;)

  6. i'm now a nanny half the week (visa issues) to a 1 and a half year old and the first thing i noticed were your flip flops. i was like, "go tara for being able to wear those to the zoo!" then you mentioned it below and i smiled... i spend a lot of time in cute outfits with ugly running shoes, ha

  7. It sure doesn't hurt to have fun and look cute while doing it! And that little girl of yours...ooh!....just too cute!

  8. You both look so cute at the zoo- after seeing "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" I don't know if I'd be going near the gorillas myself :)

  9. i love the zoo. my girls love the zoo. we always have so much fun there! love your striped top and how cute is your daughter!!! you gotta get a pair of TOMS (if you don't have them already), they're perfect for the zoo and any other mommy/kid activity!



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