Monday, August 15, 2011

Is it Fall, yet?

The lovely ladies at Two Birds actually picked a pretty good day to take us toward the Fall season for Inspiration Monday, as we have a cold front going through Atlanta this week.

Of course, an August cold front still consists of 85 degree weather, but at least we won't be hitting 90+ today. It's the small stuff that makes me happy...

The inspiration:

The outfit:

 Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Levi's (via TJ Maxx)
Shoes: Old Navy

And now, B and I are off to the dealership to get my car worked on for an hour or two. I'm on my second cup of coffee this morning, in anticipation for the fun that's just ahead of a dealership waiting room with a toddler.

Think happy thoughts for me, please. I'm going to need them!


  1. Thinking happy thoughts!

    Cute top, I especially like the ruffles. You look great for a morning of hanging out at the dealership. Hopefully you don't have $1500 in repairs like I did!


  2. Oh gosh, bring lots of toys and snacks and coloring books and all that stuff. And I wish you luck! ;)

    I love the ruffles on your shirt! And I also love that your cat is checking out your shoes. =) He, ummm or she, knows what's cute! =)

  3. We're headed to the DMV to get my husband's license renewed...I wonder which will take longer lol? Love the color of this top!

  4. Waiting rooms and toddlers, never a good combination!! Love your interpretation of the look...great shirt with the ruffles!

  5. i love your top...the color and the ruffles make it! you look adorable!

  6. oh man, dealership and toddler...hopefully they have a TV there (or someplace fun to walk to).

    cute top. i have a similar one (of course!) though mine is navy blue gingham :)

  7. Today's weather was GORGEOUS! I went to Kennesaw Mountain after work and wasn't drenched in sweat when I left! ;)

    Love this early fall look!! I really like the shade of your jeans!

  8. very cute top, once again, one of my 'signature colors' .... my husband worked all weekend but as soon as i get to spend a weekend with him, the auburn post is going up... there may or maynot (MAY) be videos of us singing auburn fight songs as well


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