Monday, August 8, 2011

Guess who calls the shots around here?

It's Inspiration Monday over at Two Birds today, and we're looking to the always fashionable Sienna Miller for ideas...

I've always loved Sienna's style, but it's never really translated well in my life, because I'm a little too traditional to be able to pull off the bohemian look. My mind just doesn't work that way, I think.

But I thought I'd give it a try today. And so I did...

But, as it turns out, Brigid doesn't like the feeling of crocheted vests, or she just doesn't like vests, or she just didn't like me in general today, because the moment I picked her up to get her out of her crib this morning, she immediately pointed to my shoulder, shook her head, and said 'NO'. And then she did the exact same thing about five minutes later.

So, yeah. Opinions. She has 'em.

And I changed. Because she always wins.


Worn to run errands today:
Shorts: Gap (outlet)
T-Shirt: J Crew
Shoes: Cole Haan (Saks outlet) 


  1. I love your attempt at Sienna's style with those great booties! The things we do for the kids...they even dictate what we wear!!! I had on a maxi skirt yesterday and Jack told me it was to long, go change! ha!

  2. I love this interpretation! The boots with the shorts are so cute! Even though Brigid didn't like your top!


  3. Ha, that's funny! At least you tried. =) The other morning, I was dressed for church and wearing an orange cardigan. Gabe said, "Mom, I don't like that orange shirt. Wear a lellow one."

    Both of your looks are really cute! I love those bright shorts!

  4. hilarious! my kids are the most honest people around when it comes to fashion advice. i kind of love it. i love both your looks...i definitely think you could rock the boho feel!

  5. Hahaha you have the best stories about B. They rival Kimmie's stories about P :)

    If it's any consolation, I think you've got the boho look nailed, from the vest to the jewelry to the shoes. I bet if you tried again, B may just give you her seal of approval.

  6. i think you nailed sienna's outfit to match your own style! but i must admit, i love the second outfit better because it's more MY style. biased? absolutely. i love the colors you chose and that the shirt is from j. crew.

    did you known in arden, nc there is a catalog outlet where they have crazy sample sales where they give you a garbage bag and price list and you run around grabbing things like a mad women? they have outerwear for like $50 and jeans for $10... i am DEFINITELY going to this store when i'm home for christmas for a day trip and when i move back to the US, going to a sample sale

  7. you look so cute! I know what you mean about those little bundles of joy. They usually win the war!

  8. Those shorts are such a great color! I need some fun bright shorts.

    On another note, I don't know what it is about my computer and your blog but they don't want to be friends. I have followed your blog about 5 times because I randomly notice that I'm not getting your updates and when I look I'm not following it anymore. Oh AND it won't let me comment on your blog when I'm at work. Not that I should be doing that ANYWAY but that's beyond the point.

  9. The phrase is besides the point, not beyond. Though in theory I suppose it does work. Oh what am I doing here? I'm the girl who rethinks her comments 8 hours later and realizes I don't know common phrases. Oh and on my first run of THIS comment I spelled here, hear.

  10. What made you think she wouldn't be calling the shots? :)

    You look super cute in both outfits, my dear!

  11. I like both but I really love the color of the shorts in the first outfit!


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