Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tiger, Take Two

This outfit is for my favorite Australia-based blogger and her Auburn Tiger of a husband...because apparently, navy blue and orange is my new go-to color combination.

Really, though, I've had this skirt for a month or two now, and it's super comfortable, but I never wear it because I can't find a top that I like with it. Nothing looks quite right tucked in, and given the flowiness of the skirt, I needed something a little more form-fitting than your basic t-shirt or tank top.

Then I picked up this tied t-shirt from the J Crew sale a couple of weeks ago, and my new favorite outfit was born.

At least until my next new favorite outfit comes along, anyway...

Worn to work last Friday:
T-shirt: J Crew
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Cole Haan (Off Fifth - Saks outlet) 


  1. Ooh! I like this! That skirt is beautiful and such a great color on you :)

    What about pairing it with yellow or turquoise? That would be pretty :)


  2. love the tied skirt with the pretty flowy skirt!!

  3. I agree, the top is fitted just right without being too tight or too loose. Perfect casual look! A semi-sheer white/ivory blouse may look good with the skirt too, probably for work.

    PS - I thought your post title had something to do with the golf tournament... Tiger as in Tiger Woods ;) Can't wait to hear all about your day on the course!

  4. You're right, those are perfect together!! And you look gorgeous for your fun, relaxing day! Have a drink (or two) for me. ;)

  5. So pretty!

    I went over to J. Crew last week and was sad to hear they had no sale items. Boo!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! what a WONDERFUL saturday morning surprise while drinking my tea and catching up on blog comments! thank you for the shout out~ haha!
    so, in honor of my honorable mention i will take photos of my husband, the Bird, in all his orange and blue and link it back to you in a future post
    ps: would that skirt work with a white t-shirt tucked in a thick belt? (i dunno, just a thought)

  7. what a great color combo! i need to try this :) that skirt is so awesome!!!

  8. i think you found the perfect top for it! i love tangerine and teals...and this is a great "darker" version of that. great combo!



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