Monday, August 22, 2011

All Clear

Just a quick post today, to share my Two Birds Inspiration Monday inspired outfit, before Brigid and I head outside to run around the yard in celebration of her clean bill of health from the cardiologist.

(Well, as clean of a bill as you can get when the diagnosis is that there's still a hole, but it isn't causing any problems, which is about all we were looking for today...)

So, the inspiration:

And the outfit:

Happy Monday!
Blouse: White House Black Market
Cardigan: Express
Shorts: Ann Taylor (outlet)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole (outlet) 


  1. So glad to hear everything went well at the doctor! That is something to celebrate :)

    I like Olivia Polermo's style. It is definitely an inspiration I can incorporate into my daily wardrobe. You did a great job and I love those shoes!


  2. thats great news. Love your shorts here x

  3. so glad to hear about the clean bill of health! definitely something to celebrate. i love your inspiration look. casual yet chic! that blouse is really cute!

  4. loving the look. it's just a classic. and glad you're healthy! bet you're getting excited for your vacation! i wanna see what you pack :)

  5. i love that beagle too! i was just watching him over the weekend until he was picked up by a boarding facility on monday- i have a 13 year old half beagle back in NC and am going to get another one (or beagle mix) as soon as we move back

    love your interpretation of the outfit, your white, black and grey gives it such a classic look that you can wear anywhere

  6. You look adorable...nice outfit. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  7. You look great! I love shorts and dressed up heels, and any outfit with layers really!!!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  8. Great look- I love the neutral colours and how adorable is your orange cat! Wonderful news about the clean bill of health!


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