Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Every time I pulled up to a stoplight on my way into work this morning, it was all I could do to not close my eyes for a few minutes, while I was waiting for the light to turn green. I'm pretty sure most traffic schools would frown on that kind of commuting technique. If only I traveled via public transportation instead of my own car...I definitely would have been out in the first 30 seconds of the trip.

On second thought, it's maybe actually a good thing Atlanta doesn't have a very reliable or widespread form of public transportation. I'm pretty sure I'd be stretched out on the train or bus with my own pillow and blanket, and that's probably not really an ideal situation, either.

Also, I may have picked the wrong day to start cutting back on the caffeine.

I think the coffee pot is calling my name...

Sweater: Banana Republic (outlet)
Jeans: Michael Kors
Shoes: Steve Madden
Watch: La Mer


  1. Ok, this is getting scary! You and I have black and white stripes on today :)

  2. Adorable striped sweater....I just love stripes!

  3. I like your black and white stripes!!

    My dad takes the train into work (in DC) every day and he says it's SO much nicer than his old commute in ATL because he sleeps an extra hour every morning on the train. I wish I could do that!

  4. Love your stripes...you office must have the a/c on high, lust looking at that sweater is making me sweat.

  5. Caffeine is from God. Live it, love it. :)

    You are adorable in your stripes!

  6. Love this outfit. Can't ever go wrong with stripes :)

    I've been drinking one of those Starbucks Frappuccinos in a glass bottle sold at grocery stores every morning now for the last 2 months or so. I'm ADDICTED. On the days that I run out, I walk around like a zombie. And to think I used to think caffeine addictions are easy to kick... pshhh how naive I was ;)

  7. is that a wrap watch?? love it and the color! i'm so sleepy this week, too. my son started preschool, so my schedule changed and i'm up earlier. must sleep earlier!


  8. yay for stripes and jeans (and coffee too). and you're wearing my favorite La Mer watch!!!


  9. i'm wearing a black and white striped top as i type this! i love your blue watch, adds a pop of color

    atlanta traffic is horrible. horrible. but my husband and i want to live in the south someday and we're looking at charlotte, atlanta or chattanooga... looks like you and i might be heading to the outlets together in a few years?

  10. All it takes to win me over is a top with stripes...and maybe a few embarrassing moments shared on Tiffany's site. ;)

    Love this top with the dark denim...you look great!


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