Friday, August 19, 2011

One Week

I am leaving for vacation in one week.

(Yes, I know I just got back from a vacation. But this one is on a beach! Which is something I need very, very badly right now!

And no, I didn't put in for vacation at work until yesterday, even though we've had this trip scheduled for months, because I felt bad about leaving AGAIN. Thankfully, I am really very lucky in the boss department, so it's all approved.

And I will be leaving in a week!

But seriously...vacation guilt? What is this all about?!?!)

Next week is going to be kind of tough, trying to get everything in order because there are some things going on at work that I have to take care of, and Brigid has her first appointment with the cardiologist in a year (think happy thoughts for us on Monday morning!), and I have to pack for three people and a dog, and we're boarding our other dog, and I have to clean the house from top to bottom so that when the neighbors come by to feed the cats, they aren't disgusted by the mess we've left behind, and...


 I will be earning my vacation next week, is what I'm saying.

Please send coffee. And wine. I may be needing some of both!

Tank: J Crew
Blouse: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden (from DSW)
Ring: Kate Spade 

And on a less whiny note...
(because who whines this much about going on vacation, right?)
...Happy Friday to all!!!


  1. LOVE your skirt! Planning for vacation makes you want to take a vacation for sure! Have fun, sending you wine, coffee, and good spirit!

  2. You sound busy!! At least you have the beach to look forward to!

    This has to be one of my favorite outfits on you! LOVE!!!

  3. LOVE the skirt, I'm on the lookout for one like it!

  4. Oh, I love the skirt!! You look beautiful, despite all that you've got going on. Just keep chanting to yourself, "I'm going to the beach. I'm going to the beach." lol Next week when you're soaking up the sun, you won't even remember all this other stuff. =)

    Where are you headed? We're spending the weekend at Pensacola Beach in a few weeks and I can't wait! It'll be Little Guy's first time in a hotel. =)

  5. So professional, yet fun! Great look!

    I'm so jealous of vacation! That's the worst part about being a teacher--- you professional types can vacation whenever you want.. We have to vacation during summer. I'd love to go on a trip at the beginning of October when there are no kids around! I know, I know, I have a ton of vacation time, but occasionally it would be nice to get AWAY from kids for good! :)

  6. I love that outfit! That skirt looks a lot like a skirt that I have, but it's not from Target. I haven't thought to pair maroon with it...hmm...ideas!

    Have a great vacation--I know it will be great to get away! I'm sure the guilt will disappear once you've got the beach and a glass of wine. :)

  7. I meant not from the LOFT. It's from Target.
    I think I need a vacation, too.

  8. At least at the end of the craziness of next week, you will be rewarded with a vacation! Such a great skirt!!

  9. that skirt is so fab! i want it!!! how exciting about your vacation. that reminds me i need to write a post for ya! will do ASAP, i promise!

  10. Love the subtle print of your skirt... looks like leopard but not quite.

    Since I don't have your address, I'm sending virtual good wishes your way! Think positive thoughts and the next week is sure to fly by. But... that may mean your vacation week will also :)

  11. your kate spade ring is so fun! can't believe they start selling her stuff at tj maxx right after i leave the country... love this outfit!

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  13. LOVE the skirt!! is that la-la-leopard?! hope all goes well this week...and there is a light at the end of the tunnel...VACAY!



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