Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is it Friday, yet?

Between last weekend at my parents' place in Indiana, and this weekend at my in-laws' place on the lake, I think I have built up a pretty sizable sleep deficit. In fact, I might need to go to sleep this coming Friday evening and not wake up until Sunday afternoon, just to make up for all of those lost hours.

Steve would totally buy into that idea, right?

Related: I am TIRED. Blergh.

It's a good thing that my too-sleepy-to-dress-myself uniform of a cardigan and dress translates well into maternity wear, eh?

 Dress: Motherhood Maternity (from the Brigid days)
Cardigan: Banana Republic (outlet)
Shoes: Nine West
Jewelry: Banana Republic (outlet)


  1. Well, that pretty yellow cardigan should brighten your day, right? Or at least make people think you're all bright and cheery even if you're scowling at them. =)

  2. i have been having a whirlwind of a month, too. i feel like i could sleep for days. we wish, huh?? hope all is well!

    Anastasia of Beverly Hills-GIVEAWAY


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