Friday, June 1, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

As promised, the lucky winner of the item of her choice from the eShakti shop is....

Congratulations, lady! I'll forward your email address to the eShakti rep, and she'll be in touch with you soon regarding the prize details!


And, a few links to get you through your Friday afternoon, if you're so interested...

In 'that's great timing' news, Miss Giveaway Winner, herself, is hosting a flip flop swap this month. I participated last year, and it was a complete blast. I'd highly recommend getting in on the fun!

I want this outfit. And this one, for that matter. Oh! And a couple of these, thrown in for good measure.

(I am NEEDY today, aren't I?)

Free, printable art? I will definitely be after the tree picture, and maybe the moon picture, too.

I hate wearing messy sunscreen, even though I know it's necessary, particulary when it comes to my face. So, ditching the greasy, sand and dirt attracting lotions, in favor of a self contained powder/applicator sounds like it's right up my alley...

I kind of can't stop giggling at the 6th item on this list. Mostly because if Brigid ever did this, I'd have her calling every member of my immediate family, to tell them the same thing. And I'd record it all. Because I am going to be awesome at embarrassing the pants off of that kid some day...

Have a great weekend!!

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