Thursday, May 31, 2012

Falling off of the wagon...sort of

I went shopping again today, and that just makes me sad, because after months of doing an excellent job of practicing my 'just say no' technique, I feel like I've really failed at what I set out to do this year. (What I set out to do this year was not shop, in case that needs clarification...) But, at the same time, the shopping has been kind of necessary, too, so I keep trying to focus on that.

(Well, the shoes weren't really necessary. In fact, those were not even anything remotely CLOSE to necessary. So that was a big fail. But we'll ignore that one for now...)

See, when I was pregnant with Brigid, I wasn't too concerned with what I was wearing to work everyday, because I was on my own. I was kind of out of the way in the office, I kept a low profile, and I just wanted to be comfortable. I am 99% sure that I wore the same skirt every day for the last three months of the pregnancy, just because I could.

But this time, it's different. I'm in a management position, now. I'm in meetings and holding interviews and participating in presentations. I have people looking for me all. of. the. time, and I don't think I can get away with wearing the same skirt for three months straight, anymore.

Plus, I've discovered fashion/style blogs since Brigid was born. So if I did try to wear that same skirt that often? I'd develop a serious case of Internet induced guilt. And NOBODY wants to see that...

So, I had to build up my maternity-fitting, work-appropriate, wardrobe. I've added another maternity dress to the three that I already owned. I've picked up two pencil skirts and two non-pencil skirts, so I could retire the lonely, ratty black skirt from Brigid's days. I still mostly have t-shirts as tops, but I've added a couple of blouses. And THAT'S IT! That is ALL that I am buying.

(Um, with the exception of one or two more blouses, maybe. I just think I'm going to need something more than only two nice tops and a bunch of t-shirts, as fabulous as I think those t-shirts might be...)

I've also got a couple of pairs of shorts and a jean skirt to throw into the mix, on the casual side of things, so I'm kind of excited about this pregnancy-as-fashion-challenge thing I'm cooking up for myself. It's like I'm doing a Kendi-style remix, with a maternity flair.

And real pictures. At some point, I promise, I will go back to real pictures...

Cardigan: Gap (outlet)
T-shirt/Tank Top: Target
Skirt: Motherhood Maternity (outlet)
Belly: Chick-Fil-A chocolate shake

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  1. Look at that adorable belly. Preggos are so cute when they're not me. =)


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