Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birchbox, for the win!

I have to say, I was a little worried about my Birchbox subscription when I first signed up for it. I'd heard such good things for such a long time, when I received my first box, I was a little disappointed. But, then I started hearing from people that my first month had been a disappointment across the board, with very few people happy with what they'd received.

So, I decided to reserve judgment until the second month. And I was rewarded for my patience with a dry shampoo sample that excited me more than anything of that sort should excite me. This was followed, in the next couple of months, with samples of tea, perfume, nail polish, eye shadow, and facial cleanser/moisturizer that absolutely made my subscription worth it.

Then this month rolled around. And I am officially in love.


You see that unassuming, shiny pink tube in the second picture? 

That is Fresh's sugar rose tinted lip treatment, and I am obsessed with it. I haven't stopped putting it on my lips every five seconds since it showed up on my doorstep, and I have no intention of ever doing so. It's tinted. It has SPF included. It smells so lovely.

It's a keeper. 


  1. Ahh, you get yours QUICK! This will be my 3rd box, and now I am really really looking forward to it!

  2. I got the same exact box, only I'm horribly disappointed with me. I actually already had the Fresh lip gloss {a double pack as my free birthday gift from sephora}. But I do dearly love the perfume sample and I've heard good things about the Keihl's but have yet to try.

    Maggie B.

  3. I absolutely love all fresh products especially the lip stuff and the perfume!!!

  4. I've let two invitations expire because I'm not quite sure how I feel about Birchbox. It sounds like fun... but at the same time I'm like.. whaaa? Why would I pay $10 for a box of samples?! Maybe I'll try again and and just do it for fun, but I'm so worried I'll be disappointed!


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