Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bright Side

Did I ever actually specify that I've decided to make Wednesday my bright side day o'the week? Because Wednesdays, for some reason, are always the toughest day for me to get through, and focusing on what I'm actually happy about tends to leave me feeling a little less moody than I might otherwise feel.

And I am ALL ABOUT combating the moodiness these days, because NOBODY likes to feel down in the dumps, you know?

This week's list...

1) My younger sister's birthday is this month, which means that I get to go shopping for her. If I'm not going to shop for myself, this is definitely the next best thing.

2) There's this yogurt place. Right by my house. That has orange creamsicle flavored frozen yogurt. At 85-ish calories a serving (ignoring the fact that it takes at least one and a half servings to make me happy, because this is still not a bad deal...). Who could be unhappy about this?

3) I'm going back to Indiana in a month for my youngest sister's high school graduation. It's always nice to go home for a little bit.

4) Steve and Brigid are going out of town for a long weekend, without me, because I have to work the weekdays they'll be gone. I would be bummed about this one, but I'm choosing to focus on all of the bad tv I can watch without Steve playing couch commander and all of the naps I can take without Brigid expecting me to, you know, parent her.

Kids, man. They just expect so much sometimes, you know?

I also plan to eat a lot of frozen yogurt that weekend.

(Also, in case it's unclear, the parenting comment, above? Totally joking. I promise...)

5) It's a sunny, sunny day. I REFUSE to be unhappy when the sun is shining.

At least for today, anyway...

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Orange creamsicle fro-yo?! Sounds positively dreamy.

  2. A weekend alone sounds amazing...I would pay anything for that! Creamsicle yogurt also sounds amazing!!

  3. Ooh, Wednesdays are SO tough, but when they're over I'm always so excited for the end of the week!! I hope you've had a nice weekend! :)


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