Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bright Side

Today, I get to give some not so great news to someone that doesn't really need any not so great news in her life right now, and I am most definitely not looking forward to it. At all.

So, join me in ignoring that looming dark cloud o'doom in favor of some prettier and shinier thoughts, mkay?


1) Remember that pretty bag I was lusting over last week? Or two weeks ago? Or whenever it was I was doing the lusting? Guess which awesome husband bought it for me for Mother's Day...

That's right. MY awesome husband. He is very, very good at this whole gift giving thing. And also at this whole 'read my blog in the weeks leading up to a holiday to see what I might be indirectly/passive-aggressively asking for all over the Internet' thing.

He's a keeper, that one.

2) It's a little gloom-and-doom outside of my window right now, so I celebrated the afternoon with chicken soup and hot chocolate. Because nothing fits in with a gloom-and-doom type day better than chicken soup and hot chocolate.

3) On my upcoming home-alone weekend, I am treating myself to a pedicure and frozen yogurt. It's a testament to how boring my life has become that this excites me beyond all reason, I think. But, excite me, it does, and that's all that matters.

4) The drugstore was running a 'buy one, get one half off' sale on vitamins today. See: boring life, above.

(But, I'm not apologizing for this. DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE VITAMINS ARE THESE DAYS?!?!?!?)

5) We booked our flights to Indiana last night for my youngest sister's HS graduation, and they were much less expensive than I thought they would be. After what I spent to fly up to my middle sister's bachelorette party in February, I was expecting bad, bad things. Apparently, they charge you more to fly to Indiana in February than they do in June? Have they NEVER BEEN to Indiana in February?

I think somebody has their wires crossed, is all I'm saying...


Anything in particular that's keeping you going on this lovely little Wednesday?


  1. I'm sending happy vibes your way, Tara. Hope she'll take it will.

    Hehe, I think Steve's got you figured out ;) Kate Spade present last year, Kate Spade again this year. I don't blame him because he knows the way to your heart. Happy early Mother's Day to you!

  2. Your husband is so sweet! :) My birthday is mother's day about every other year (or so it seems) and I've never liked that fact, but when I have kids I know I won't like it even more! I like to think I'm a princess on my birthday and I better be a princess on Mother's day, too. But to have ONE day for both? Boo!! I better get double the presents. ;) (Yes, sometimes I can be that selfish!!)

    PS- Your younger sister must really be a the baby in the family if she's just now graduating from high school! What's the age difference between you two? My husband has a 13 year old brother.

  3. Ooh, great score with the bag! (And the husband!)

    A pedi & fro-yo sound heavenly. I am also boring.

  4. Fro yo and a pedicure...I am jealous!! Your husband is definitely a keeper...sounds like a happy mothers day to you!!


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