Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday, everyone! The sun is shining, the temperature is not of the sweltering variety, and I treated myself to a little bit of caffeine at lunch.

It's a good day all around, is what I'm saying.

I hope your Friday is treating you just as wonderfully sweet as mine is...


And now, for the things I've enjoyed around the Internet this week...

I want the last pair of shoes in this post. I would almost go so far as to say I NEED the last pair of shoes in this post, but I'm sure, given the price, my husband would vehemently disagree. And I'm trying to stay on his good side, since he's giving me a few days of rest and recovery to myself this weekend, while he handles toddler duty at the beach. But still...pretty, pretty, PRETTY shoes.

Jen is a packing genius. Seriously. GENIUS.

How do we feel about this yellow floral dress (the last one in the post)? Because I'm torn between absolutely adoring the heck out of it and thinking it's too stepford-ish for my taste. But with those coral accessories? I kind of want it all. I don't know. I"M SO CONFUSED!

This just makes me smile. It's an outlook on life we should all have, I think...

Then there's this, which is kind of all about poop. But it makes me smile, too, because, well, LIFE. It's just what happens, you know?

And finally, surviving IKEA. Because it's a lesson we could all use at one point or another.


And then, of course, you should check out my latest Style Lush post, if you have the time. And maybe weigh in on the large wooden mustache, if you're interested? Because I think it's awesome, and I need to find somewhere to put it, so I have an excuse to go buy it.

(I totally hooked you with 'wooden mustache', didn't I?)

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  1. i like that yellow floral dress! it's so cute. i think you could make it NOT stepford. what if you did something edgy like wear it with booties?

    i've been obsessed with shoes, as always, and bought like 8 pairs of wedges at Old Navy because they were having an amazing sale! i feel like you should go and buy them too since we are fashion twins :)


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