Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Intentions

Things I plan to do (Internet-wise) in the very near future: start posting more on a regular basis, start adding outfit posts back in now that I'm not hiding the giant elephant in the room (that elephant would be me, by the way...pregnancy does not look so fabulous on a 5'2 individual who also happens to be kind of all tends to start running together in one big lump very early on in the process...), start reading the posts in my Google Reader, again.

Things I don't plan to do: I don't know...sleep, maybe? I would like to add a few more hours to my day. Who do I talk to about these things?


Things I am grateful for today:

1) Target. They carry the greatest maternity t-shirts, ever, and I now own six of them, two in black and one each in red, purple, gray, and orange. There is also a really pretty blue one that the store didn't have in my size that I will now Internet stalk, because I should probably own it. I love these shirts.

2) Target, again. They also have corresponding tank tops, which is awesome. I just might have six of those, too, in gray (*coughTWOcough*), white, blue, mustard, and fuschia.

Layering. It's where it's at...

3) Kate Spade. For having a 75% off surprise sale, right about the time I decided I would reward myself with a new diaper bag for kid number two, since I will have a lot more to carry around, now.

4) My neighborhood. Steve and I bought our house right after the housing market in our area started to tank, so while we didn't pay as much as some people we know, we definitely paid more than the house is worth, now. But even with that, I couldn't be happier with where we live, because our neighborhood is awesome. Two weeks ago, we started Saturday off with Brigid on the slides at the neighborhood playground and finished it up with the next-door-neighbors at the neighborhood pool. And then I got to go to bed early without feeling guilty, because the neighbor came over to drink a couple of beers with Steve, meaning my entertaining presence wasn't necessary. And his wife is pregnant, too, so I have an ally in the process. That's always nice...

5) My in-laws. They live on a lake, and they're fun people to hang out with, so long weekends are pretty awesome around these parts.


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  1. Man, I've missed you! I can't believe you're pregnant! That's just fantastic. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed you get a totally crazy and wild kid to make up for your well behaved B. ;) Ha, since I have two crazy kiddos, I figure it's only fair that you get one too. lol

  2. Being well endowed in the chest too, I remember the preggo belly and the chest begin to run together...ha!!
    Woo hoo for a new Kate Spade diaper bag...I always wanted one!

  3. Oooh Kate Spade!! It's our leather anniversary this year (our 3rd) and I'm determined to get a new leather bag out of it. ;)

    Can't wait to see that belly of yours grow!

  4. ALL my maternity clothes came from Target and Old Navy, but I especially love Target. I had a ton of those $3 off Liz Lange maternity item coupons and so they were all put to good use :) And those layering tanks, I had four of them, so I'm not judging ;)

    Which Kate Spade bag did you get???? I was SO tempted to buy everything during that 75% off sale, but we're trying to cut down on spending (stupid unpaid maternity leave). Oh well. But I'm dying to see which one you got!


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