Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bright Side

You know what I hate? When real life (the boring, stressful, adult side of real life, not the fun, 'let's go to the park and eat ice cream!' side of real life) prevents me from playing on the Internet as much as I want. I haven't written anything good on my blog(s) for weeks (or even followed a consistent schedule), I haven't been reading or commenting on other blogs, and I've been the WORST email corresponder in the history of email corresponders.

And when I have had time, like my home-alone weekend that just passed? I've been too drained to do much more with myself beyond lying on the couch, watching terribly cheesy movies and Gilmore Girls on DVD.

(I wish I could properly convey to you the struggle I had with myself on Sunday over whether I should actually get up to go to the basement to get the DVDs or just remain content with whatever crappy television was available to me by remote...but I fear you would lose whatever slight respect you might have for me at this moment.)

(The trip to the basement won out, though, so...that counts for something, right?)

I'm not in a funk, necessarily. I don't feel down at all. In fact, I'd actually say I'm in a pretty good mood. I just feel tired and scattered. And uninspired. And unmotivated.

I'm going to have to work on this...


And I'll start with the things that are making me happy today:

1) Brigid and Steve come home today! Even though Brigid told me last night she didn't want to come home because she doesn't like me, I am still pretty excited to see her. The brat.

2) I worked on Monday (my normal day off) because Steve and Brigid were out of town, so I'm taking this Friday off, instead. FOUR DAY WEEKEND, Y'ALL!!

3) I think I have the chance to make some people happy at work this week. And that's always a good thing.

4) Kate Spade is having a surprise sale today, on some select items, and I may have been enticed by the prices to pick up a couple of things. But, I bought some gifts, too, so I'm making EVERYBODY happy!

5) The Bachelorette started on Monday. I...yeah, I've got nothing to justify this one. I'm just a big fan of terrible tv...


  1. I think everyone is so so busy right now. There's just something about the middle of May that makes everyone feel like everything needs to be accomplished before the end of the month. Hope everything calms down for you!

  2. i totally feel you! i've been so busy with the three kiddos, especially the newborn. it's been quite overwhelming. i've had trouble keeping up with my blog too. anyway, i think it's totally good to just relax sometimes and watch Gilmore Girls. Enjoy your long weekend!!!


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