Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Black and White

It seems like that title would work for two thirds of the outfits I post here, because to say that I'm in a color rut these days would be a bit of an understatement.

But I'm working on it, and that's all I can ask for, I guess...

Anyway, the story behind this dress?

For Christmas, this past year, we went to Steve's parents' house, and before we left, I asked my dear husband if I needed to pack anything in particular for the trip. Steve said no. I said I'm packing jeans and sweaters and that's it. Steve said that's fine. So that's what I packed.

Then, I found out that everyone was dressing up for Mass on Christmas Eve. And I had nothing to wear. Because my husband told me there would be no dressing up on the trip. And even though my in-laws only live an hour and a half away from us, I was not driving three-hours round trip to pick up a dress. So, I told Steve to drop me off at the Saks outlet five minutes away from his parents' because I was due for a shopping spree.

And I found a dress. Or three. Whatever.

I blame Steve.


Dress: Calvin Klein
Cardigan: Express
Boots: Something from DSW 


  1. Gorgeous dress! I love it with the black belt.

  2. Oh my gosh, that would totally be my husband too! At least you got some dresses out of the mess and this one is super-pretty. Thanks for the hair comment, I'm still getting used to them (which makes me feel silly to even write that b/c they're not THAT big of a deal, but it's taking me a little longer than I thought). Ok, rambling now!

  3. After the initial angry feeling, I'd be jumping at the chance to go shopping :P I love how you styled the dress with boots. Hot!

  4. Oh I hate when that happens! It's so annoying to not bring appropriate clothing on a trip, and then I go shopping and end up buying stuff that I wouldn't have bought otherwise.. and then not wear it again. But you did well, because this dress is super cute! I love it!

  5. Um, I need that dress. In my closet. Right now.

    That totally works for my dress code AND it's gorgeous! WINNING! (Oops. That slipped.)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet


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