Monday, March 14, 2011

Why yes, this is another outfit planned around another new accessory. And also? That new accessory may just be one of my most favorite scarves ever. Love the material, love the size, love how warm it keeps me in my 20 degree office.

And I especially love that I got it for $6.

Fun times.

(I am a little annoyed with the color on these pictures, because it looks like I'm wearing all black, when really, the dress is maroon, the cardigan is navy, and the tights/boots/scarf are all gray. Any advice on camera settings that might improve the color of my pictures??)


Dress: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Gap
Boots: DSW
Scarf: Lands End Canvas 


  1. Oh, that's annoying! I hate it when the color doesn't transfer right in the pictures. Those colors sound really pretty together though!

  2. so weird about the colors...maybe try more light?
    I totally plan my outfits around my that grey scarf and those great grey boots!

  3. Tiffany- I know! If I'm going to put the effort into the outfit, I'd like the darn camera to cooperate :)

    Randi- I think I need a bigger flash, honestly. My husband has it on his techie to-do list, we're just not there yet.

  4. No advice b/c I had the same problem last week. We probably need to get out in the natural light, but that's just not possible yet.

  5. That scarf IS gorgeous! And that stinks about the picture not reflecting your outfit's true colors. Natural light, baby. It's the only way, unfortunately. ;)

  6. I love that scarf. It looks lightweight enough to wear all through spring, too! Gorgeous!

    Coffee & Inspiration

  7. This outfit is toooo cute! I love it! That scarf is amazing and what a great buy!!

    And I am still trying to figure out my camera's settings - I feel your pain!

    Small Time Style

  8. Nothing better than a great deal! Thanks for your wonderful comment. Come back and visit again soon.

    xo L.

  9. Wonky colors or not, you look AWESOME!!! So very, very pretty!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet


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