Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day Thirty!

And I have successfully completed my second 30x30 challenge!

Second and last challenge, I think because I really, really missed the rest of my closet this month. I don't remember it being this bad during the fall challenge, but around the middle of this one, I just wanted nothing more than to wear another pair of shoes, or throw on a different sweater, or wear pants to work (seriously, why did I not add a pair of dress pants to my challenge items?). My goal was to make it through a full year cycle of these things, but, eh, I think I'm good...

I've learned to look at my clothes differently. I've learned to 'shop my closet'. I've learned there's no need to run out and buy a new outfit for every little thing.

And now I just want to be able to wear anything I own.

Stay tuned for a full recap tomorrow!

Outfit 30 of 30!!
Sweater: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: Nine West
Earrings: Old Navy


  1. Congrats on finishing the 30 x 30...I am sure the rest of your clothes missed those blue earrings!

  2. Huge congrats Tara!!! Looking forward to your recap -- I find that to be the coolest part of this challenge :P

  3. Yea, CONGRATS!! I'm so impressed you could do this TWICE!

  4. way to go!!! it's a glorious finish. your earrings are awesome, and i think you look great here. and i'm impressed that you did this twice. i'm debating, but i'll worry about that when i get there.
    nice job, tara.

  5. I know exactly what you mean! I've learned a lot from this too and found I had more creativity than I thought. I might do the spring or summer version of the challenge since it'll be different from winter. We'll see.

    I LOVE your skirt! It's fabulous and I like the contrasting white cardigan.

    Congratulations on finishing another 30 for 30 challenge! :)

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