Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back At It

Hey, look! I'm trying to get dressed again!

How is it so easy to fall out of practice, to get lazy, to start shopping for all new things again, instead of making my closet work for me? It's just like a diet, I swear. You can work for months and months to drop ten pounds, only to gain back five of them in one quick weekend.

And if you don't keep your guard up, you can end up with six new dresses, four new pairs of shoes, and numerous accessories. And some shorts. And a couple of blouses.


Dress: Banana Republic
Sweater: Banana Republic
Shoes: Nine West


  1. Ha, you just made me laugh so hard! And yep, you're absolutely right!

    I really love your long striped sweater. Getting dressed totally works for you. You look beautiful! =)

  2. Love how you wore the casual cardi over the darker dressier dress!!

  3. You are totally right. I fall off the wagon when it comes to shopping all the time. I've been good lately - it is going to be ON when I go to Northern VA next month! (Yes I will take pictures of ShoeWoo!)

    Loving the cardi! Grey + yellow + stripes = awesome!

  4. hear hear. is it bad to admit that that's exactly what i WANT--dresses, shoes, blouses, shorts? it is? crap.
    loved the "oops." caught me off-guard and made me smile.

  5. Looove this dress. That side belt buckle is really great. And...the sweater over it? AMAZING!!!!

  6. I can totally relate! And once I start shopping I go crazy and can't stop! Man, I really have to appreciate my closet more. I'm going to start doing a little remix every Tuesday. hopefully at least that'll help!

    cute sweater. love the stripes and color!


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