Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's about time...

The awesome and amazing Claire at Spinning Threads both tagged me to share 10 things I love AND gave me the "One Lovely Blog" award over the course of the last couple of weeks, and because I am always late for everything, I am just now getting around to thanking her for being so sweet. You should absolutely head over and check her out if you haven't before, because she has a fantastic way of putting outfits together that I can only dream of replicating, and she has two of the most adorably stylish daughters, ever, to boot. It's too bad they all live so far away from me, because I'm pretty sure Brigid could pick up a tip or two from those little ladies!

And now 10 things I love, 7 random facts about myself, and a little weekend outfit thrown in for good measure!

(I'll combine the first two so as not to give you an overloaded look into my personality...I'd like you to come back to visit!)

1) I absolutely love to watch sporting events, live or on tv. Any sport, actually, I'm not picky. (Random Fact: I will travel to see almost any sport live at least once...NASCAR, Indy Car, golf, football, baseball, basketball, soccer...I'm in. The only (American-ish) sport I've never seen live, in either a professional or collegiate setting? Hockey. I really need to get on that.)

2) I love to travel. (Random Fact: I may love to travel, but I am scared to death of flying. In fact, we're flying to Indiana in a couple of weeks, and I'm already getting sweaty palms thinking about the plane.)

3) I love spreadsheets! I am a true numbers nerd, my friends.

4) I love purses. Hoo, buddy, do I love purses. (Random Fact: I was a total tomboy growing up...I couldn't have cared less for clothes or accessories or anything of the sort. Then I went to college, and one of my roommates introduced me to the mall...and it's been all downhill since then.)

5) I love the beach more than any other location in the world, but I think I've made that pretty clear around here.

6) I love Joel McHale. He is both adorable and hilarious. (Random Fact: I tivo both The Soup on E and Community on NBC, because I love him. And I am watching The Soup as I write this...)

7) I love Christmas. It is by far my favorite time of year, even though I despise cold weather. (Random Fact: I start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween, and I keep it on, nonstop, until January 1st. And it's all I can do to make myself stick to those restrictions, as it is.)

8) I love the Harry Potter series. (I think this counts as a random fact, also...I made my mom keep buying me the books for Christmas all through college, and I've been to see several of the movies at midnight on opening night. I told you I was a bit of a nerd.)

9) I love movie theater popcorn. It's the only reason to go to the movies, really.

10) I love animals. (Random Fact: I have two dogs, one that I named Peyton, after the Indianapolis Colts QB. When I watch Colts games, and I yell at Peyton the QB for screwing up this or that, it seems to freak Peyton the dog out a little bit. That may not have been my best idea ever.)

Your turn! I'd love to hear your list of loves or random facts...please share!

 Tank Top: Gap Outlet
Jeans: MICHAEL Michael Kors
Shoes: Target
Watch: La Mer


  1. Harry Potter was the best invention EVER. =) Love them! We seriously have so much in common.

    Cute watch! I love how it pops against your sparkly grey tank.

  2. Ditto to:
    #1 - but I'm really a TV-watcher kinda gal
    #3 - hi fellow Excel monkey!
    #4 - anything new on the wishlist?

  3. Such a great casual outfit with sparkle!
    I also love live sporting events, whether in person or on tv and I was a tomboy, now I love accessories and being girlie.
    Love the new watch!

  4. ohh... love your La Mer watch. I have a gray one that i adore!!! you look great. always love some stripes and a little sparkle ;)

    glad you got to post this. i know it's hard so i would've totally got it if you didn't get to it. and i'm still laughing about your heels comment on my blog. i do the same thing. wear heels and end up walking in pain with my girls sometimes. oh well, what we do for beauty!


  5. First of all, I love that watch SO much! I have been looking at bright watches lately.

    Did you see the InStyle (Feb, Mar?) with Joel McHale and his wife and two boys in it? It was the design section near the end. His little ones are so stinkin' cute and now I love him that much more.

    I wanted to name my first son Peyton. He's Parker instead because my dad HATED Peyton. Still my favorite name!

  6. hehe flying isn't half bad! good luck and hope you have a fun trip soon!

  7. haha, I'm half you and half opposite of you. :)

    I don't watch any kind of sports at all. It bores me. Husband-sports-watching-time is usually shopping time for me :)

    And, I LOVE HP and Joel McHale. Have you seen him live? He's amazing. HILARIOUS. The only thing I miss about cutting our cable is being able to watch The Soup on Friday nights.

    I hate Christmas music, and your dog and P share the same name, and both named after Peyton Manning, but if you asked me to point him out in a lineup, I would have no idea who he is. I just liked the name. :)


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