Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Favorite Things

I didn't have a camera with me this weekend because we were traveling.

My outfits this week haven't really been photo worthy, because I was too tired to do much on Monday, and I had Brigid going to the office with me on Tuesday (and didn't put much thought into things beyond 'be able to chase down crazy toddler if necessary', which was a good mindset to have, because it turned out to be necessary...).

So, I have no outfit photos to share.

You know that that means? Another installment of Tara's favorite things!

This is the greatest travel bag, ever. Seriously. It's amazing. (I even wrote about it at Style Lush yesterday, that's how much I love it.)

I was tired on my lunch break on Monday, from being out of town all weekend, so I indulged in something even better than shopping. Have you been to Because it is amazing. Not that I needed a new watch, but's so pretty!

We're redoing our backyard this summer, because our current backyard is a complete disaster. There are weeds, dangerous trees, and drainage issues galore, so it's actually long overdue. And do you know what a yard/porch redesign means? Well, it means more shopping, of course (I'd love to get all new furniture, but I think I'm going to have to settle with some accessories here and there, for the time being...).

Anything you've been loving lately?

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  1. I'm seriously loving my flipflops with turquoise stones. I also love your travel bag. Very cute!

  2. I read the article on lush before I even realized that you wrote only figured it out when you talked about your kids was kicking the mans seat on the airplane!

  3. I thought that might be your new Kate Spade (or did I somehow miss the reveal?!). Safe travels, Tara!

  4. great bag. it's fabulous. stylish and practical. nice watch too. i'm loving my DV for target gladiator wedges and all the $10 designer target dresses i bought.


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