Monday, May 23, 2011


I think I may have failed miserably with the proportions on this outfit. I love the skirt. I love the sweater. I’m just not so sure I love them together.

I know that the sweater (Target clearance rack! Woo!) will be nice this summer with shorts (but only if I head north at some point, because Atlanta summers don’t exactly lend themselves to sweater wearing, at any point in the day), skinny pants, or even a shorter skirt.

And this skirt is just such a pretty color. Other than trying to figure out how to kick the wrinkles (beyond hourly steaming sessions, that is), I think I can wear it with just about anything. Except this sweater. Obviously.

Chalk this one up to a blogger learning experience, I guess?

Worn Thursday 5/19 to work
Top: Banana Republic (gift from my MiL, who had it in her donation pile, even though she'd never worn it)
Sweater: Target
Skirt: J Crew
Shoes: Charles David (from DSW, years ago...I don't wear them often, and I think I know why, now. they're not flattering, and they're not so comfortable, either. donation pile material, for sure.)


  1. love the color of that great skirt and that pretty top! I am sure they will both become staples in your summer wardrobe!!

  2. The color of that skirt is gorgeous against your skin tone. I am sooo not looking forward to the hot Atlanta summer. We're already at record highs... How bad is July going to be?!

  3. That skirt is gorgeous! It will soon probably be humid enough that you could just step outside for your "steaming session."

  4. I actually really like the proportions of this outfit on you. I think what cinched it was the heels. If you had worn flats, I think the outfit may be overwhelming. I'm still wearing some of my "winter" clothes right now haha. The office gets cold! So nope, you're not the only one still wearing sweaters :)

  5. You're crazy. I really like this outfit on you! Sorry the shoes weren't comfortable though. That's never fun.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. I think it looks fine! That skirt is SO great - been looking for one in that color for quite some time. Uncomfortable shoes - NOOOO. Donate before you forget how uncomfy they are!

  7. Really? I think this outfit looks really nice! I don't see anything wrong with the proportions (because I actually wore a very similar outfit with a similar sweater and skirt). Ugh. you should have seen my outfit from last Thursday. THAT was bad proportions. (well, you won't be seeing it anytime soon, it's so bad I'm not even going to blog it, lol)

  8. great color combo. love the pattern on that top, and the color of the skirt. such a cute outfit!

  9. I think that this sweater and skirt look great together. I really like that sweater. I have begun hoarding cardigans and such.

    I just moved from Atlanta to Central NY and MAN the difference is staggering. We have had 3 days above 80 this year. That's it. Today will be the 4th. It is so strange to want to grab a light jacket to wear in the morning in the middle of May. I remember in Atlanta not even wanting a short sleeved shirt...only a sleeveless blouse or something!!


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