Thursday, September 8, 2011

excuses, excuses...

So, don't share this with anyone, because I don't want my secret to get out, but I am an inherently lazy person. I would like nothing better than to spend the day lying on the couch, watching tv, reading a book, and eating ice cream or cereal. The only reason I don't do this (other than the fact that Brigid would never stand for it) (and the fact that I need money to keep myself equipped with said couch, tv, and cereal, hence the dragging myself into the office most days of the week) is because I am also an inherently guilty person.

You would be amazed at how well guilt works on me most of the time.

But back to that lazy thing? Yeah, I still don't have any outfit pictures to post here. Because our camera? That I normally keep upstairs in my closet for a quick photo shoot before I head off to work?

It's been downstairs in the office ever since I unpacked from our trip. And every evening, I forget to take it upstairs with me. And every morning, I am too lazy to go down and get it for the picture taking that is necessary for posting outfits here.

And rinse, and repeat.

In place of this, I will show you the shoes that I almost bought at TJ Maxx yesterday, but didn't, because I have self control. And no money. But mostly...self control.
(photo credit: Also, these aren't the exact shoes that I almost bought, because these aren't being sold at TJ Maxx, but they're close. The ones I wanted had the same pattern/shape, but the stacked sole was covered in the print and the heel was black. So pretty...but so not under the catagory of 'necessary purchase', sadly)

(Also, thank you guys for the encouragement yesterday. You really are the nicest bunch of people, I swear!)


  1. I totally could've written this post except for two things: you have the self control that I lack, and my daughter's name is spelled Bridget, but pretty close!

    Maybe those shoes will still be there next time you find yourself with an abundance of money and shortage of self control (fingers crossed).

  2. Oh, I saw these shoes yesterday, too! *sigh* TJMaxx and their shoes, I swear, they're trying to make me go broke!

  3. I wish we would win the lottery and have tons of money so we could all be lazy and hang out at home and hang with the kids! Wishful thinking...

    These shoes are super cute! I have been on the hunt for leopard heels forever! I know one blogger found a pair at Target (online only) and the Kardashian sisters have a new line at Sears and they have leopard heels too. Maybe you can find a pair in your price range later on down the road!

  4. Those shoes are really cute. I completely hear you re: feeling guilty, but I tend to indulge in my sloth-like tendencies anyway. I think if/when I have kids, that won't be the case anymore, though!

  5. I’m lazy too! Every morning I think "boy this is a great day to call in" but I don' know, the whole control thing.

    When it comes to shoes, however, control does not exist for me. So good girl for avoiding an unnecessary purchase! Those shoes are pretty amazing though!

  6. so sad you chose to have self control on this day!! lol!! these are great!

    i would love to laze around as well...even sleep in for an hour...but those darn, um, whatdya call!

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  7. totally feel ya. i get lazy all the time. sometimes i make my 4yo go fill my water cup or get me the remote for the TV. ssshhhh, don't tell anyone :)

  8. Those leopard pumps are killer!! Kudos for your self control, I am not sure I could do it!
    New need for excuses, you are still on vacation time!

  9. i would have bought it... i have a habit of purchasing high heel shoes that have too high of a heel and end up not wearing them too often

    can't wait for some leopard ballet flats though, you know i like leopard, and that auburn post is coming soon... maybe tuesday?


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