Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I don't know if it's the cool and rainy weather we've had the last few days, or the returning from a great family vacation to the reality that I don't really get to spend as much time with my kid as I want, or the surprise house repairs that currently have us trying to reconfigure our budget, or even other small, but unexpected changes that I don't really want to get into here, but something has just, I me this week. Maybe I'm being too sensitive. Maybe I'm being too hormonal or too whiny or too self-absorbed. I don't know.

But I do know that I don't like feeling this way.

And I also know there has to be something I can do to change this feeling.

I just don't know what that is, yet.

But I'm working on it...

And in the meantime? Look at the pretty picture!

(And I'll try to be back to my normal, cheerful self tomorrow...)


  1. Ahh beautiful pic. I keep a beach pic on my computer at work just to ease the pain some days. Good luck getting back in the swing of things. Promise it always gets better :)

  2. Keep your chin up! I think we all get into funks and things just seem off (at least I do). We as women and mothers are strong, so you will get through it! Take care :)

  3. Aw honey, I'm sorry. I know how you feel and it's completely normal. You're allowed to feel that way. It's not possible to be happy and cheery all the time.

    Things will get better. They always do. And while you're waiting for them to get better, feel free to email and vent any time!!!

  4. i've had many weeks feeling the same're not alone! i do hope you feel better, tho!

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  5. Aww, I'm sorry, Tara. I get that way, too. I call it "the funk" or being "melancholy". Maybe you just need the short work week to be over already, so you can relax a bit this weekend and bounce back!

  6. hope you're feeling better now. i totally feel ya. feelings are so crazy sometimes cuz we can't control them and they just take over. now that i'm preggo i'm like ridiculous. i'll cry at the drop of a dime. and i'm sure you were just feeling this way after returning from such an awesome vacay! i often feel similar after my sister leaves or something changes.


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