Monday, September 19, 2011


In honor of my beloved alma mater's first college football win of the season (don't even get me started on the state of things so far...we should be 3-0 right now, instead of 1-2...that's all I'm saying...), I thought we'd go with a little game day attire today.

(Steve and I took Brigid to a small festival in our area on Saturday morning. I wore this, Steve wore a Notre Dame jersey, and Brigid wore a cheerleading outfit. All morning, we had people directing pro-ND sentiments our way, which I thought was fun. Steve, on the other hand, mentioned that he was tired of acknowledging the cheers every 10 minutes. 

Then maybe we shouldn't dress like such homers the next time we are in public, dear...) 

Win or lose, I love my Blue and Gold...

(And here is where I admit that we did, in fact, name our cat Rudy. After the movie. It's only fitting that he make an appearance in the pictures, huh?)

T-Shirt: ND Bookstore
Cardigan: Target
Shorts: Ann Taylor (outlet)
Shoes: Cole Haan


  1. We were actually rooting for ND this weekend! I bet Brigid looked adorable in her cheerleading outfit :) The Buckeyes lost, boo hoo!

  2. named the cat rudy! It's ok, I named my fish K and Hurley after Duke, and my dof was ripkin, as in Cal Ripkin!!

  3. Hahaha, it looks like Rudy's about to jump you! Like he was so happy that you wore your shirt, he wanted to jump out and give you a big ole hug or something. =)

    You look so cute!!

  4. I had a friend who named her goldfish Peyton after Peyton Manning. She's a UT girl.

    We will see who wins the Purdue/ND game!! :)

    By the way-- how much does Rudy weigh? I have an orange cat (Clark) who is a healthy at 17lbs! The vet said he is really at a healthy weight. Rudy looks like he's a pretty big kitty too.


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