Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Someone needs a haircut...

The problem with my neighborhood is that everybody is too friendly. And everybody has kids, so everybody is always outside, and you never know when you're going to be expected to carry on a conversation with some random person that you can only identify by what flag they have hanging from their front porch or what their landscaping looks like.

And while this isn't really a terrible problem to have, it does mean that I feel guilty taking Brigid out to play without doing my hair first.

Luckily, I am immune to guilt these days...

Tank Top: Target
Sweater: New York & Co
Shorts: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Cole Haan


  1. The joy of living in the suburbs! One night the hubby and I were out front having a drink and our neighbor came over to inform us him and his wife split up after 20 years. Talk about a buzz kill! LOL!

    Your hair looks really cute pulled back though! I look like a boy with mine pulled back :)


  2. LOL! We have similar problems at my house. I keep thinking I should make a list of names of people on my street when they introduce themselves! But your hair is great!

  3. That is one thing about southerners... You can never say they are snooty! I went a whole year before I got my last hair cut. I was so so nervous about trying out a new hair stylist that I kept telling myself that my hair looked find and "could go another month or so." The girl I found to do my hair (who is fabulous!) was so surprised that I went so long and that my hair wasn't THAT bad.

  4. you're so funny. your hair looks great. i need a haircut right now. i was just thinking i needed to call ASAP since it takes a little while to actually get in when i don't have my kiddos.


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